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Reasons to Host an Axe Throwing Fundraiser

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Fundraisers are a primary form of income for non-profit organizations and youth clubs and teams. For years, these types of events all looked pretty similar. From bake sales and spaghetti dinners to walking door to door and selling cookie dough or popcorn, these organizations had to work hard to really bring an income in. Over the years, we’ve seen fundraisers evolve in the sense that they are now primarily events that people are able to enjoy and can justify spending larger amounts of money on.

In regards to events that make for a successful fundraiser, there are quite a few recurring themes and types of events that people will turn to, which leads these organizations back to the same place of stale fundraisers. If you’re looking for an event that you can use as a fundraiser that is different from the typical casino night or silent auction, today’s blog is for you.

In today’s post, the team at Civil Axe Throwing is going to cover a few of the reasons that axe throwing is a fantastic event for your fundraiser.

Unique Event

As we mentioned before, fundraisers can quickly become overused. If you want to provide a unique event for guests to attend, axe throwing is a fantastic option. Not very many organizations or groups consider axe throwing for their fundraiser. On top of that, axe throwing is a relatively new pastime in most cities, making it something that very few people have had the chance to enjoy. So, if you want to provide a new experience for your guests and offer them something that’s out of the ordinary, axe throwing is the way to go.

Fun For All

Axe throwing is an activity that most people will have minimal, if any, experience doing. With the help of our team, all guests will be instructed on how to effectively and safely throw an axe at the wood target. The guided help is designed to ensure everyone is safe, but it’s also to ensure that all guests have a great experience. With the help of our team, you can ensure this is a night that your guests enjoy and remember long after it’s done.

Another important factor to note is that axe throwing is a great activity for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to draw in a group of young adults or adults in their mid 50s and 60s, this is an activity that all will enjoy.

Ideal for Large Groups

The goal with fundraisers is that you’ll have the ability to serve a large group of people. At Civil Axe Throwing, you can accommodate large groups of people while still having an activity that allows for plenty of socializing and an overall good time. If your organization is known for having large groups attend fundraisers, then axe throwing at a location that can accommodate your numbers is a must. With that in mind, you can count on Civil Axe Throwing to take care of you.

Book Your Fundraiser Today

If you’re in the process of organizing a fundraiser and you’d like to learn more about what it would look like with axe throwing as the primary event, give Civil Axe Throwing a call. We would love to hear more about what you’ve envisioned and provide you with additional information on how we can help make your fundraiser a success.

We love being able to assist in AXE of kindness, to learn more about how we can assist you with your fundraiser, take a minute to learn a little bit more about how we approach these types of events. Fill out our contact sheet and we would be more than happy to answer any questions regarding fundraisers at our axe throwing locations. Once we’ve gotten the paperwork taken care of, we will get your event booked and ready for you!