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Why Axe Throwing is a Great Team Bonding Event

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When it comes to teams, a strong bond and quality relationship is a must. A majority of teams and companies will dedicate time to certain team activities and events so that this bond and relationship can be built. For years, these activities were primarily made up of trust falls and ice-breaker questions that could definitely help spark some conversation, but were very rarely something that employees and team members looked forward to.

If you’re the leader of a group and you’re wanting to find a fun way to spend time together, axe throwing is a fantastic option. Here at Civil Axe Throwing, we know just how important teamwork is, which is why we work hard to ensure our customers enjoy their axe throwing session. In today’s blog post, we cover a few of the reasons that axe throwing makes for a perfect team building exercise. Let’s get started.

Engaging Activity

In order for a team to benefit from a team building exercise, they need to be engaged on what’s going on. Though the intentions behind a company retreat are to have everyone away from distractions and with their peers, most people are far from engaged during these types of events. In fact, many employees will actively try to avoid going to these types of team building gatherings.

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel of company retreats, try something new that your employees can actually engage in: axe throwing!

Work on Communication

A major goal of all team building events is for individuals to communicate with one another. Whether you want them to get to know each other or you simply want to give them some time to talk about things other than work, axe throwing is a fantastic way to get your team talking. Given that axe throwing is light hearted and fun, your team is sure to have a good time chatting with one another on a more personal level.

BYOB Option

The most common way that coworkers will socialize outside of the office will be during a happy hour. If you’re not opposed to spending a little bit of time getting drinks with your peers, but you hate to pick up the expensive tab afterwards, you have yet another reason to love axe throwing at Civil Axe Throwing. We know that drinks can be pricey, which is why we offer BYOB to individuals that are coming in to enjoy a night of axe throwing. So now you can pick up a 6-pack of your favorite beer, ask your teammates to do the same, and now you have drinks everyone can enjoy for a fraction of the cost.

Convenient Location

As we mentioned earlier, some of the most common team bonding events take place at a retreat. Not only are retreats significantly more expensive, but they’re not very close to home either. With axe throwing, you’re able to enjoy a great team bonding experience without having to travel very far. Civil Axe Throwing has various locations scattered across the United States, so when you’re looking for something that’s close to the office (or at least in a more convenient location), you can’t go wrong with axe throwing.

Book Your Axe Throwing Session Today

If you’re looking for a team building exercise, axe throwing is a great option. Civil Axe Throwing has a variety of locations across the United States that you can visit when you need to spend some time with your team. Take a minute and browse the various locations that we have, select the session that you’d like, and reserve it online today — it’s as simple as that! For any questions that you may have, contact our team via chat or contact the specific location directly and our staff would be more than happy to assist you.